Bodnik Hard Hunter Deluxe (Riser Only)


The new Hard Hunter Deluxe is a perfect entry-level bow for traditional archery. Its grip is made of dark and high quality layered wood and lies heavily and securely in your hand. The bow window is perfectly designed for shooting from the bow saddle. Despite its short and powerful bow length of only 60 inches, the Hard Hunter Deluxe allows draw out up to 32 inches draw length. The bow is suitable for all modern high performance strings and comes with a Bodnik Whisper String.

  • Bow Length: 60 inches
  • Draw Weight: 25-50 lbs in 5 lbs steps
  • Handle: Pistol Grip
  • String: Whisper String
  • Accessories: bushing for stabilizer or fishing rod, jacks for visor or bow quiver
  • Brace Height: 8 inches

If ordering OUT OF STOCK please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.

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