Bodnik Horsebow Express


In order to add a higher performance and an even more beautiful appearance to our Horsebow Express, we redesigned it in a new outfit. If you are opting for the Horsebow Express, you opt for a lovely handle made of a beautiful variation of Zebrano and Wenge. The tips have been additionally strengthened with Mycarta. Optically the bow is rounded off with powerful maple limbs that are decorated with grained yew.

  • Bow Length: 48 inches
  • Comfort zone: up to 29 inches
  • Handle: Zebrano/Bubinga/Zebrano
  • Limbs: olive laminate on maple
  • Tips: Mycarta
  • Bow Weight: 20 - 50 lbs in 5 lbs steps
  • String: Whisper String
  • Brace height: 6 1/4 - 6 1/2 inches
  • Warranty: 30 years Bodnik Bows warranty

If ordering OUT OF STOCK please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery

Check out Pete Wards review of the Horsebow Express at;

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