Grizzly Instinct


The Grizzly Instinct is made multiple layers of 1075
carbon steel. The layers are spot welded together and
then copper brazed. The core of the Instinct is triple
laminated core for incredible strength. The Instinct also
has a solid steel tip reinforcement for even more
structural integrity. The solid steel tip reinforcement is of
the highest quality steel to all but eliminate tip curl.
Instinct broadheads are then heat treated to 50 rockwell
and Teflon coated before being ground. All Instinct
broadheads are ground to a burr so they are very easy to
make razor sharp.

The long and lean design of the Instinct helps aid in
penetration. It has a cutting diameter of 1 1/8". You can
mount the Instinct on wood shafts as large as 23/64" or
use 11/32" screw in adapters to mount the Instinct to
carbon and aluminium shafts

Products packaged in quantities of 3.

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